This section describes the first steps with Haystack Hub. You will find the sign up process here and a description of our subscriptions levels here.

First steps

There are 4 easy steps to start with Haystack Hub. As soon as you are logged in, you will see a GETTING STARTED section on your dashboard, which will guide you through the first steps.


Step 1: Choose Workspace Language

Click Choose Language in the Getting Started section or choose the Gear Button next to Your Workspace. You will be redirected to Workspace Settings. By default, Haystack Hub comes with English as workspace language. You can select mutltiple language for your workspace. The selected languages define which kind of documents Haystack Hub can work with. The language of the documents you want to search need to have the selected language. Currently, English and German are supported. For more information click here.


Step 2: Upload Documents

Go back to your dashboard and choose Go to Documents or click Documents on the left in order to upload documents which you want to search. Choose Upload Files and follow the process. Make sure that you configured the correct language for your files in Step 1. We support pdf and txt files, for now in Haystack Hub. You will find a detailed description of the upload process here.


Step 3: Configure Model

Starting from your dashboard you can choose Go to Configuration or click Configuration on the left. Haystack Hub comes with a default configuration for Retriever and Reader. If you want to learn more about the model configuration click here.


Step 4: Your Search is ready!

If you followed Step 1 to Step 2 successfully, your search is ready. Start to ask questions and click Search. Haystack will list the most relevant answers depending on your model configuration. You can find more details here.


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