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Join Documents

This Node receives Documents from multiple Nodes and joins them back together. This allows for the merging of two separate Pipeline branches.

Position in a PipelineGenerally used in cases where two separate branches have two different Retrievers whose results need to be amalgamated


  • To initialize the Node, run:
from haystack.nodes import JoinDocuments, TransformersQueryClassifier
join_documents = JoinDocuments(
  • To use JoinDocuments in a Pipeline, run the following code. Here the outputs of the ESRetriever and the DPRRetriever are combined by JoinDocuments.
from haystack.pipelines import Pipeline
from haystack.nodes import JoinDocuments, TransformersQueryClassifier, BM25Retriever, DensePassageRetriever
# Here's how you initialize the JoinDocuments node. Note that before running the Pipeline, you need to initialize all the other nodes as well.
join_documents = JoinDocuments(
pipe = Pipeline()
pipe.add_node(component=QueryClassifier(), name="TransformersQueryClassifier", inputs=["Query"])
pipe.add_node(component=bm25_retriever, name="BM25Retriever", inputs=["TransformersQueryClassifier.output_1"])
pipe.add_node(component=dpr_retriever, name="DensePassageRetriever", inputs=["TransformersQueryClassifier.output_2"])
pipe.add_node(component=join_documents, name="JoinDocuments",
inputs=["ESRetriever", "DPRRetriever"])
res = pipe.run(query="What did Einstein work on?")