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Annotation Tool

  • Create labels with different techniques: Come up with questions (+ answers) while reading passages (SQuAD style) or have a set of predefined questions and look for answers in the document (~ Natural Questions).
  • Structure your work via organizations, projects, users
  • Upload your documents or import labels from an existing SQuAD-style dataset
  • Export your labels in SQuAD Format


Hosted version

Signup here: Haystack Annotation Tool

Local version (Docker)

  1. Configure credentials & database in the docker-compose.yml:

The credentials should match in database image and application configuration.

DEFAULT_ADMIN_EMAIL: "example@example.com"
PROD_DB_NAME: "databasename"
PROD_DB_USERNAME: "somesafeuser"
PROD_DB_PASSWORD: "somesafepassword"
POSTGRES_USER: "somesafeuser"
POSTGRES_PASSWORD: "somesafepassword"
POSTGRES_DB: "databasename"
  1. Run docker-compose by executing docker-compose up.

  2. The UI should be available at localhost:7001.


The manual (of a slightly earlier version) can be found here. While it doesn't include all latest features, the basic workflow and tips for label quality are still the same.