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Haystack Open Source

Haystack Open Source

Open source framework to scale QA models to large collections of documents.

Feature higlights include:
  • Latest NLP Models
  • Flexible databases
  • Scalability
Haystack Hub

Haystack Hub

Enterprise-ready subscription with full service to enable neural search.

Everything in Open Source plus:
  • Web interface for configuring and operating your QA system
  • Search UI for end users
  • API access
  • Support
Financial Governance

Financial Governance

Gaining insights into financial data of multiple companies within a market. Analysis mainly focuses on reducing risks e.g. credit decisions.
  • Faster and efficient insights
  • Comprehensive insights into the full data and therefore significantly less risk in the analysis


  • Checking plausibility of accruals
  • Checking of measures taken against pandemic risks in a portfolio of companies
knowledge Base Search

Knowledge Base Search

Finding relevant information in infromation portals or wikis.
  • Direct resolution of tickets
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • More efficient onboarding and knowledge sharing in enterprises


  • Customers looking for guidance on terms & conditions
  • Employees looking for company's travel policy etc.
Market & Competitor Intelligence

Market & Competitor Intelligence

Analyzing market trends and monitoring of competitive strategy.
  • Comprehensive analysis of complete data sets
  • Higher efficiency in research leaving more time for humans to create synthesis


  • Analyzing the outlook of the growth of AI in Automotive
  • Overview over all M&A activities
  • Evaluation of growth rate for EMEA market from different sources

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