Integration: Notion Extractor

A component to extract pages from Notion to Haystack Documents. Useful for indexing Pipelines.

Bogdan Kostić

This Haystack component allows you to easily export your Notion pages to Haystack Documents by providing a Notion API token.

Given that the Notion API is subject to some rate limits, this component will automatically retry failed requests and wait for the rate limit to reset before retrying. This is especially useful when exporting a large number of pages. Furthermore, this component uses asyncio to make requests in parallel, which can significantly speed up the export process.


pip install notion-haystack


To use this component, you will need a Notion API token. You can follow the steps outlined in the Notion documentation to create a new Notion integration, connect it to your pages, and obtain your API token.

The following minimal example demonstrates how to export a list of pages to Haystack Documents:

from notion_haystack import NotionExporter

exporter = NotionExporter(api_token="<your-token>")
exported_pages =["<list-of-page-ids>"])

# exported_pages will be a list of Haystack Documents where each Document corresponds to a Notion page

The following example shows how to use the NotionExporter inside an indexing pipeline:

from notion_haystack import NotionExporter
from haystack.document_stores.in_memory import InMemoryDocumentStore
from haystack import Pipeline

document_store = InMemoryDocumentStore()
exporter = NotionExporter(api_token="<your-token>")

indexing_pipeline = Pipeline()
indexing_pipeline.add_node(component=exporter, name="exporter", inputs=["File"])
indexing_pipeline.add_node(component=document_store, name="document_store", inputs=["exporter"])["<list-of-page-ids>"])

# The pages will now be indexed in the document store

The NotionExporter class takes the following arguments:

  • api_token: Your Notion API token. You can find information on how to get an API token in Notion’s documentation
  • export_child_pages: Whether to recursively export all child pages of the provided page ids. Defaults to False.
  • extract_page_metadata: Whether to extract metadata from the page and add it as a frontmatter to the markdown. Extracted metadata includes title, author, path, URL, last editor, and last editing time of the page. Defaults to False.
  • exclude_title_containing: If specified, pages with titles containing this string will be excluded. This might be useful for example to exclude pages that are archived. Defaults to None.

The method takes the following arguments:

  • file_paths: A list of page ids to export. If export_child_pages is True, all child pages of these pages will be exported as well.