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Integration: AnswerToSpeech & DocumentToSpeech

Convert Haystack Answers and Documents to audio files


The farm-haystack-text2speech package contains two Nodes that allow you to convert Haystack Answers and Documents into audio files: AnswerToSpeech and DocumentToSpeech.


For Debain-based systems, first install some more dependencies:

sudo apt-get install libsndfile1 ffmpeg

Install the package:

pip install farm-haystack-text2speech


For a full example of how to use the AnswerToSpeech Node, you may try out our “ Make Your QA Pipelines Talk Tutorial

For example, in a simple Extractive QA Pipeline:

from haystack.nodes import BM25Retriever, FARMReader
from text2speech import AnswerToSpeech

retriever = BM25Retriever(document_store=document_store)
reader = FARMReader(model_name_or_path="deepset/roberta-base-squad2", use_gpu=True)
answer2speech = AnswerToSpeech(
    model_name_or_path="espnet/kan-bayashi_ljspeech_vits", generated_audio_dir=Path("./audio_answers")

audio_pipeline = Pipeline()
audio_pipeline.add_node(retriever, name="Retriever", inputs=["Query"])
audio_pipeline.add_node(reader, name="Reader", inputs=["Retriever"])
audio_pipeline.add_node(answer2speech, name="AnswerToSpeech", inputs=["Reader"])